The Ice Maiden

Unfamiliar Tales

by Hans Christian Andersen
Illustrated by Britta Routhier

HCA The Ice Maiden 001A lot of Hans Christian Andersen’s best known fairy tales are quite poetical and highly imaginative, admirably suited to reading aloud to children. But others could equally well be called poetic realism or perhaps, in some cases, even social criticism, and they are far too advanced in their references and style to be suited to reading aloud in the nursery.

W. Glyn Jones, Emeritus Porfessor in the University of East Anglia, has collected some of these rather more neglected tales and grouped them around the long, exotic story of The Ice maiden, which itself is divided into no fewer that 15 parts, each with its own title.

The Ice Maiden. Unfamiliar Tales is also available in Danish as Isjomfruen. Eventyr fra glemmebogen.

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