Dansk-engelsk ordliste til Danskere Kapitel 1: Anders Axmark p.17


Dansk English
pp. 17  
have travlt adv. be busy
outside, prep. outside
condominium sb. one owner-occupied flat
button, adv. almost
had to (should) vb. had to
twice a week idiom. twice a week
Strength training sb. one strength training
per day adv. during the day
in the evening adv. in the evening
score ladies vb. pick up girls
look pretty good idiom. vb. so, have seen be quite handsome
high adj. tall
fair-haired adj. blonde
muscular adj. muscular
tanned adj. tanned
always adv. always
the latest new (clothing) idiom. latest new (clothes)
glasses sb. one glasses
expensive adj. expensive
earn well vb. served, served earn well
neither nor neither – nor
Especially adv. specially
be crazy about vb. was, been be crazy about
that’s where the idiom is. this is where
ske vb. happened, happened happen
Half-boyfriend, sub. one Half girlfriend
change vb. change
before adv. before
checked adj. “Cool”
too adv. too
right adj. right
shoulder sb. one shoulder
Of course adv. of course
provide vb. Make sure
when adv. when
have on vb. had had wear
on the beach sb. one on the beach
main interest sb. one main interest
seems vb. seemed, seemed think
too much adv. too much
skat sb. one tax
cut down on vb. cut, cut reduce
public expenditure sb. one public expence
save on vb. save on
unemployment benefit sb. one unemployment benefits
pay oneself vb. be worth it
go into vb. went, has gone enter
work on vb. work on
become (something) vb. became, became become
parliamentary candidate sb. one parliamentary candidate


Words for Danes, chapter 1 p. 22 and 23: insertion of the verb run in infinitive and present 
Dansk English
pp. 22  
quarrel about vb. quarreled, quarreled quarrel about
Should (should) vb. should, should
together adv. together
invent (to say) vb. found, found might (say)
no pron. nobody
slowly, adv. slowly
sinke, verb slow down
does not…. at least adv. not at least
90 km per hour sb. one 90 km per hour
No apology, sb. one not an excuse
the other pron. the others
surt adv. cross
you know good idiom. you know very well
klip sb. one punch (clip)
driving license sb. one driving license
set up, verb. put up
prioritize give priority to
task, sub. one task
higher (more) adv. amuse
et par sb. one a couple of
too fast adv. too fast
lade vb. lod, ladet easy
it suits me idiom. it suits me
try to see! vb. have a look
is it not ? isn’t this?
be about to vb. was, been be ready to
idevej sb. one side road
derhenne adv. over there
that’s a damn lie! idiom fuck! that can not be true!
wave to vb. wave at
in to the side prep. to the side
served sb. one policeman
approx adv. around
road section sb. one stretch of road
Speed ​​limit sb. one speed restriction
come to vb. come, come shall
what did i say! idiom. what did I just say!
just adv. only
never adv. never
it had never happened… it would never have happened